Hello, I’m Zenia and I can’t punctuate or write correctly because I’m a fourteen-year-old child (started this blog at thirteen). Wanna know the countries I’ve been to and lived in? Here ya go: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/viewer?mid=1eshQRpgF3UP-pTjVl5fffSFtCJbek23c&ll=8.5508487750182%2C-117.69412894999988&z=

Am I bragging? Maybe….but that doesn’t matter. As you can see, I am a TCK. My father was born Paraguay while my mother was born in the States. What’s a TCK? Check the other post.

Even though I may be young, I’ve lived a cool life. I’ve been to a bar, I’ve been to fourteen schools, I’ve met so many different people and had so many eye-opening experiences. It’s been great!

Why do I travel so much you may ask? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. Both my parents are teachers and my father is a TCK, traveling is in his blood so where he goes, we go. (duh) Is it hard? Kind of. People always expect me to hate it and be like “THEY RUINED MY LIFE!” but it’s not true. I’m really happy for the crazy life I live and all the things I have learned from my experiences. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in (BECAUSE I HAVE THE BEST PERSONALITY EVER.) but I still always have a great group of people who can support me 24/7 even if they’re across the world.

So that’s me! I hope you enjoy this website and maybe you can learn more about yourself, a friend/family member, or just about TCKs in general! If you wanna read my blogs, go up to that search bar and type (or copy and paste me name ’cause I know it’s a weird one” “Zenia”, then press search and you’ll see ma blogs! Ta-ta!

Also, if you were wondering how to pronounce my name, it’s: Zen-ee-uh Uh-sawed