Hi, I’m Daniel! I was born to South Asian parents and raised in Paraguay, Brazil, and Germany with additional substantial time spent in the UK, Argentina & Switzerland. As my father was a chemical engineer, he had projects around the world, thus he kept us on the move. I attended American-International schools the whole time, finally going to the US for college in 1992 when I graduated High School.

Growing up, I never heard of the terms TCK or Global Nomad. It was as an adult that I found a website dealing with the subjects, and as I started reading, I found that I shared many of the characteristics of a TCK. Suddenly, in a strange way, it all started to make sense; m need to move around, my restlessness, my desire to be around other global nomads. The more I read, the more I started to understand myself.

As many Third Culture Kids, I was interested in travel and education. The different places I had lived in gave me a deep love for history and the social sciences. I thus became a teacher, and have taught in the US, Paraguay, and currently in South Korea. Mentoring young people is not a job for me, but a calling. And to be able to work with other TCKs and Global Nomads allows me to use my background to help those who will grow up in a similar way as I did.

While looking for information (and a Podcast) on the life of Global Nomads and TCKs, I realized that there was not much available online. I thus decided to start a Podcast and a Blog for those who are interested in the subject. Whether you yourself are a TCK or a Global Nomad; or perhaps you are raising TCKs, hopefully you will find good resources here.


1973 – Arrived on the Blue Marble. Itaugua, Paraguay
1977 – Lived in Brazil for six months.
1980 – Moved to Germany (Krefeld) for a year.
1981 – Moved back to Paraguay, this time to the capital city Asunción.
1982-1985 – Lived intermittently between Brazil (São Paulo) and Paraguay (about 4/8 month split).
1992 – Moved to the US to attend college in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
1997 – Moved to Kansas, USA
1998 – Moved to Texas, USA
1999 – Moved to Florida, USA.
2004 – Zenia born in Tampa, Florida.
2004 – Moved to Asunción, Paraguay.
2006 – Moved back to the US.
2010 – Alana born in Tampa, Florida.
2017 – Moved to South Korea.