Why my imaginary friends are so important

Yup, I’m thirteen and I still have them.

It happened in Paraguay when I was watching Arthur. DW has an imaginary friend named Nadine and at this time, I thought all kids had imaginary friends. I panicked, WAS I NOT NORMAL? I NEED THEM NOW. At this time, I had already been making stories in my mind to put myself to sleep so when thinking of who my friends would be, I took two of the three main characters in my stories. Currently I have nine main people but I only talk to three of them at the moment, the other six are all young adults and have their own lives to attend to. Some of them are characters from tv shows or books and some are original people I have made. I met the most recent of the nine during summer of 2017.

I didn’t realise when I was eight how important my friends would be to me. They’ve helped me through a lot of things. All the moves, all my emotional breakdowns, the times I was lonely, and times just to play. I remember in fifth grade Mumsy would drop me off at school and while I walked behind the building to the playground, we’d normally talk. We’d tease each other and talk about how I was going to get through my day. I still do that now, when I’m stressed, we try to go to a world I have made and we’ll have casual conversations. (or be attacked by a person who gained magic powers and wants to kill us all. Or be kidnapped for experiments) They always help me experiment with things I have learned (like emotions) and have always been there for me, encouraging me when NO ONE ELSE DID.

The older I get, the more deep I go and currently, they have helped me process everything around me. They’ve helped with the culture here, the people here, my new life. They are a very important part to all my moves because of this (this is why I am talking about them on this website). Over the years, they haven’t had one purpose, they have had many. At one time it was just so I wouldn’t be bored, a little later it would be what the point in life was (still think it’s just to reproduce and keep the population going but I’m trying, okay?) more recently it was to figure out who I am, and now it’s to figure out Korea.

Korea has taught us a lot of things. At one time, I realised fiction is not reality (I still refuse to say it’s “fake”). Yes, I already knew this but I had so much hope that maybe magic would be real or something like that. This realisation came crashing down on me and it was just awful. My imaginary friends helped me to pick the pieces up and put my life back in order. We had long conversations for a weeks talking about what life was until finally I accepted reality is reality and not fiction (MAGIC MAY BE REAL THOUGH, YOU NEVER KNOW. IF IT IS, DIBS ON BEING A FAIRY PRINCESS).

So why is this in a TCK blog? It’s because no matter what, they have been here to help me think through my TCK life. They have made it easier for me to come to terms with. (That sounds like I don’t like me life but I really love it!) My imaginary friends have helped me through all the obstacles of being a TCK and I really hope we go through more together for longer.

Bye bye!

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