Same food, different flavours

Cheeseburger in Bogota, Colombia.

Before moving to Korea, I thought that everywhere you go, the foods you eat will always taste the same. Like Ethiopian food will taste the same in the States and Ethiopia. It never really hit me in the past that even when I went to different countries and had “Japanese”  food, it tasted different. I mean yes, I knew they tasted different but I thought that country’s food tasted almost the same.

As I have said in other blogs: Geez, was I wrong.

I did eat Korean food in the Americas but as I have said before, I am a picky eater. When going to a Korean styled restaurant, I’d stick to rice and bulgogi. I didn’t really know what to expect when moving to Korea but I had an idea (my parents would force me to try foods). When I got there, we went to an authentic Korean place and I was surprised that the food was way more spicy and it was absolutely nothing to what I knew.

While thinking of other examples for this article, I remembered how my aunt in Paraguay makes Indian food in Paraguay. Once, when she was doing a photoshoot of her food, she let us eat the food afterwards. I was so surprised to taste no spice. I really loved the food at the house (she adds more spice when it’s just the family eating) even though was just so spicy. For once, I could taste other flavours and that freaked me out. I soon found out Paraguayans can’t handle spice like my family can. If you’re reading this, I absolutely consider your food authentic. It was just sort of tailored to the country’s preferences.

I have had Indian food in Paraguay, South Korea, the US, Canada, and Thailand (I stick more the the vegetarian options but I do really love the butter chicken sauce). Sure, it depends on the chef and what restaurant you go to but each country seems to have a different spice level. The most spiciest I’ve had is in Thailand and the least in Paraguay. It’s just so cool to try all these foods!

I’ve heard the best place to get Korean and Japanese food is in Brazil and I’d really love to try the food there! Before moving, I’d think the best place to get the food is in the country but now I don’t really think it’s that way. Different countries have different strengths in food, some have THE BEST MEAT. Some have the most flavourful foods you can try! You may have the most “authentic” food in the origin country but you may have the best tasting food in a different place.

So yes, that that is what I learned on food. I hope to come to more realisations like this and yay! Bye bye!

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