Tips on Getting Rid of Toys

This Steve Jobs bear could not have fit in a suitcase. Fortunately, there is a teddy bear museum on Jeju Island, South Korea!

So you wanna get rid of your toys but you’re too attached? Or maybe you just clicked on this post because it sounded interesting? WELL I FEEL YA SO LET ME HELP YOU.

Do you love it?

“No…” Get rid of it, there’s no point for keeping something you don’t love. Don’t listen to the people around you saying “but I got that toy for you!” “But I like it!” It only matters what you think. If you love it, keep it!

Do you play with it anymore?

If not, get rid of it. BUT I like to use my dolls as decorations now, making scenes for them and putting them around my room so it looks nice. I occasionally change where they are and what they’re doing or put them to bed. If you’re looking for some fun decoration, use your old dolls!

Give the toys to people you trust

If you are being forced to let go of your toys but you still love them, give them to your friends. You can still see them if you text your friends and you know they’re in great hands

Donate them

If you’re the kind of person who wants to improve other people’s lives, donate them to a church or something. The children who get to keep them will be so grateful for the new toy. If you want to donate, don’t give the toys to a place where you give the toys to them for free but they sell they toys. It defeats the whole purpose of donating toys.

Accept that you don’t play with the toys

I know, it’s hard. They’ve been a part of your life for so long and now you have to get rid of it. Remember that board game? It was the one that taught you how to earn and save money. Remember that stuffed animal? It was there for you when all your friends left you for the new kid. But you don’t need them anymore. You don’t love them. You don’t need these things for the memories, you can always recall the same memory without having the item in all the bedrooms you’ve ever had. Maybe you spent hundreds of dollars on those toys when you were younger but now they are a burden. You grow out of your toys and it’s okay. That money was spent years ago to entertain a different you. You had different interests and a different personality. It’s okay to let go of those toys.

Don’t let people influence your decision

Yes, your toys will always have a special place in your heart but what’s the point in keeping things you don’t like anymore? It may hurt at first but you’ll feel great when you have less stuff.

Bye bye!

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