How to Travel Without Wifi

AHHH! The struggle! I can’t post anything to my story on Snapchat or Instagram, I can’t text anyone,  I can’t watch any shows or YouTube! IT’S TERRIBLE! But here are some things to do when you’re bored!


I’m guessing you have phone or something. I can’t speak for any other devices but apple but maybe you have an app where you can write things on your phone? You can write a whole story there! Bonus points if you bring paper and pen! Sometimes, flights won’t let you use your device even if you have it on airplane mode. You can also journal and record your trip! “2:47 am: I spilled water on my backpack. It is wet now.”

Download movies

Do you have Netflix? If you do, Netflix lets you download movies and shows to watch without wifi. Or download any movie however your device lets you.


Skip this tip if you don’t like reading but tis is great for airplane flights where they don’t let you have electronics.

Play fun games

You can play I Spy or the alphabet game! Try to find all the letters in the alphabet (in order) in different words you see.

Talk to people

If you’re traveling alone…uhh…you can talk to imaginary people? But if you have a friend or family member with ya, try talking to them even if you hate them. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Download games on your electronic

There is nothing to be said. Just make sure the game works without wifi.

Make a movie!

What better way to document your trip and make your friends jealous by making a cool movie? Not only can you film the trip but you can edit it too! It kills so much time! Now is the chance to learn more about your editing software and try all those tricks you’ve never used.

Bring toys

There are sooo many videos on YouTube showing you how to make travel-sized toy packs. Bring legos or a dry erase board. On road trips, we used to go to the dollar store and by those dry erase activity boards that had a maze, word search, and a bunch of other fun things to do! You can bring an activity book, colouring book, or really anything! Your options are limitless.

Make a fun goal

During your trip, try to make a fun goal like spotting ten people with pink polkadot shirts or drinking out of five water fountains.

These are just a few things but there are probably a lot more things you can do! Bye bye!

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