Having friends everywhere

I really enjoy this part of being a TCK but I also hate it. I have friends for all sorts of things! My fellow fangirls and boys, the ones I can talk to when I’m feeling down, people I can talk to about the deeper things, the kids when I talk about about boys and makeup. It’s all over the place! (Some friends are in more than one of these categories.) But I can’t see them face to face! It’s so hard to text them! Especially because I have more friends across the world and I’m fourteen to sixteen hours ahead of them. My parents can’t take away my electronics at night because they know all my friends are awake. I can either talk to my friends early in my morning (I sleep in ’till twelve though…) or late at night and it’s the same on the other end. Sometimes I actually have to plan a FaceTime call which I never thought I would do that just to talk to someone. It is so wonderful though because there is always someone to talk to, someone to help me with my homework, someone to be goofy with!

But no amount of texting can fill the longing to see my friends again. I can’t just fly to Michigan right now to go to the mall with one friend. I can’t go to Paraguay and hang out at K-Food with my other friends. I am stuck here on this island with just some friends and even then it’s hard because some are dorm students at my school and fly back home during vacation. I miss all my friends so much.

It’s hard to be friends when you’re not in their lives. So many things happen while I’m gone. Two of my friends are now dating, some friends had a big fight and don’t talk to each other anymore, some friends moved to a new school/state. Sometimes I don’t get news of this until months later because we always forget to text or when we text, it’s only for a couple minutes. We grow apart and we become so different that when we talk year later, we can’t stand each other anymore. All those nights of making fun shirts or lipstick out of coconut oil are no more. I am no longer a part of these people’s lives and they are no longer a part of mine. It’s really sad to think about that sometimes.

But even if I lose friends, I’m always gaining new ones! It’s a really sad but cool cycle.

Coolio, bye bye!

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